are aged in a great variety of wood casks — each kind slowly perfecting the aromas of this mysterious and native Brazilian spirit.
Cachaça aged in Oak

This wood's elegance reveals itself on the subtle and rich aromas of this cachaça. Its dry taste harmonize with goat cheese delicate's flavors as well with dairy source candies.


Alc. 39% by Vol.

Volume 700 mL

Cachaça aged in Amburana

Of sweet aroma and a lot personality, this cachaça harmonizes very well with matured cheeses of intense flavors. In the summer the suggestion is to serve it in a rocks glass with few ice stones — just like a good whisky.


Alc. 39% by Vol.

Volume 750 mL

Cachaça aged in Jequitibá

It has a fruity perfume just as the virgin cachaça. This wood acts on soften the cachaça, making it gentle and very easy to drink. Delicious to taste either neat or composing the famous Caipirinha.


Alc. 39% by Vol.

Volume 750 mL

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