MAZUMA MINEIRA was born as Fábio's retirement project — owner and former retired. Born in Minas Gerais, he spent his last 30 years between Itajaí/SC, head office of his former company, and Tiradentes/MG, where he owns a summer house for many years. By the time they sold their company, Fábio and his wife Sandra decided to spend one year enjoying the quiet Tiradentes


Cachaça got woven into this story when the couple decided taking a Master Distiller course — just for fun. However the sweet and complex aroma of this spirit has waken the couple's savor for the subject and promptly came the will to manufacture his own cachaça by their own means. Fábio kept deepening his studies about cachaça, collecting certificates and plenty of knowledge. So wandering by Bichinho — area next to Tiradentes greatly know by tourists who seek for local craftwork, Minas Gerais tradicional food and a lovely São José Sierra's sight — Fábio saw the opportunity of building a spot which did justice to the singular taste of this genuinely Brazilian spirit. Thus was born MAZUMA MINEIRA!


The whole place has as proposal to display to the visitor the whole productive process: from the small sugar cane plantation to the cellar where we keep our wide variety of barrels; aiming to add value to the high-quality cachaça, craft made, produced with zeal and ease inherent of Bichinho's comunity.